Prince Albert Farmers Market


Roger and Yvonne’s garden are located in the Weirdale area. Their carrots seem to be a favorite; the animals know a good thing when they see it!


Charlie and Inez Mourot have been member for over 28 years. They sell, potatoes, carrots, beets, peas, beans, onions dill, fresh eggs an pickled eggs.


Bugs and Beas Baking, offer a variety of home baked goods. This includes breads, buns, squares, pies, tarts, cookies and marshmellow treats.


Jocelyn Walsh, is a local vendor and creates slippers and ceramics. She make slippers for all sizes, from kids to adults.


Sassy Home Baking, is a local vendor and offers a variety of baking products, desserts, preserves, cabbage rolls and perogies 

Fruits and Vegetables

Travis Sander, is a local vendor and produces, potatoes, carrots, corn, onions, watermelons, beats and cuccumbers.


Stacey Organic farm, grow a variety of all natural produce, without the use of pesticide. This includes potatoes, tomatoes, carrots and dill.


Élite Pastured Poultry has been raising chickens, turkeys and eggs since 2004. All of our meat birds are raised outdoors on a pasture.